Field Enhancement Project

Middle Field & Clint Seymour Field (formerly Wildcat Field) Improvements

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Fields Opened July 16, 2015!
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Project Status Report - May 27, 2015
Project Status Report - May 7, 2015

Mt. Lebanon plans to renovate two fields at the recreational complex on Cedar Boulevard. The project, which is estimated to cost $1 million with $250,000 of that supplied by private donations. The upgrades would allow more games to be played each year in multiple sports, including baseball, softball, soccer and men’s and women’s lacrosse. Additionally, it would provide for six micro soccer fields for younger players. Adult leagues also will have new opportunities to play, and Wildcat Field will remain home to the Mt. Lebanon High School varsity baseball team.

Among the proposed improvements:

• Installation of 111,200 square feet of artificial turf
• Custom color markings to delineate field size for each sport
• Addition of water fountains
• Improvements to fences and backstops
• Landscaping upgrades to provide shade and improve appearance

No additional lighting is proposed.

Middle & Clint Seymour Fields Estimated Annual Maintenance Costs


Tentative timeline for work (subject to change)

Wildcat and Middle Preliminary Field Schedule

Neighboring residents’ meeting April 24
Final design by May 5
Fundraising update due May 13
Advertise for bids May 15
Bidding ends June 17
Award contract June 17 to July 8
Construction August 1 to October 31


A public fundraising campaign is under way to garner the $250,000 in non-municipal funds needed to make this project happen. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution to the project: Field Donations

Public Presentation - June 12, 2014

Video of meeting -

Field Enhancement Update - Bendel
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Field Enhancement Update - Gateway
Mt. Lebanon Presentation - McNitt