We urge you to take advantage of the 24-hour, free unused and expired medication dropoff at the Mt. Lebanon Public Safety Center, 555 Washington Road, and at MRTSA Headquarters, 315 Cypress Way. Here's why and how:


Why should I dispose of my unused prescription medications? What if I have a recurrence of the problem they were prescribed for?

Having these drugs in your home, even if they are secure, can be a temptation for a friend, relative or guest in your house who may have a drug addiction. Drugs lose their potency and eventually expire, so it is not a good idea to keep them, even if you fear you may have another episode of the same health problem. If and when you have a genuine health issue, you should have no problem getting a new prescription from a doctor along with instructions as to how to use the medication properly.

As time passes, it can be easy to forget why a drug was originally prescribed or how it was to be used. Keeping old medication around increases the possibility that you may use the drug incorrectly or for a purpose it was not prescribed, or that someone else in your household may “self-prescribe” it for an ailment rather than visiting the doctor. All of these things are a form of prescription drug abuse.

Where can I dispose of my expired or unwanted medications? Why can’t I just flush them down the toilet?

Many different pharmaceuticals have been found in our lakes, streams and drinking water. Scientists have not decided conclusively how much long-term danger this poses to people or wildlife—and it is clear that most of the pollution comes from our bodily excretions; but why take a chance, when there is a safer way to keep these medications away from children, animals or drug abusers?

Thanks to a grant from Pennsylvania American Water, Mt. Lebanon now has a 24-hour-a-day drug drop-off box in a convenient, secure location. You may pull into the rear lot of the public safety center, 555 Washington Road, and deposit your medication in the clearly marked drug drop-off box in the outer lobby. Another box is located in the main lobby of MRTSA.  The areas are well lighted and monitored by cameras. The area is well-lighted and monitored by cameras. The Mt. Lebanon Police Department is responsible for inventorying and destroying the drugs in both locations.