Premium Parking Enforcement

Parking in Mt. Lebanon is at a premium, therefore violations of parking privileges are strictly enforced. The Mt. Lebanon Police Department and the District Magistrate, enforce such violations by issuing parking fines.

If you receive a ticket please pay promptly. Delay in paying will result in a higher fine amount. Follow the time table on the ticket or on the links to the left for how much is due on the fine depending on the ticket.

How to Pay a Ticket

Payments may be paid by cash, check or credit card to Mt. Lebanon Municipality in a few ways. You can put your sealed envelope in one of our fine boxes located near meters in both the Washington Road and Beverly Road Business Districts. You can also mail or bring your ticket payment to our office located at 710 Washington Road, Pittsburgh, PA  15228. Invoices on outstanding tickets are mailed weekly.
Credit cards may be used for in person payments at 710 Washington Road or on-line. Any questions regarding your ticket may be made by calling the office at (412) 343-3705.

How to Appeal a Ticket

You may make an initial appeal of the charged violation online at www.mylebo.mtlebanon.org. If your initial appeal is denied, you may request a hearing online at www.mylebo.mtlebanon.org or by submitting a written request within 30 days of the appeal being declined. Written requests should be mailed to: Mt. Lebanon, PA., Parking Hearings, 710 Washington Road, Pittsburgh, PA. 15228. For more information please call the Parking Clerk (412-343-3705).