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Boards & Authorities
Board Service
There are currently more than 100 volunteers serving on 17 boards and authorities. The responsibilities, powers, terms of office, membership size and meeting schedules vary for each board and authority.

Follow the links to the left for information specific to a particular board or authority. If you are interested in applying please fill out the Board and Authority Application.

Term Limits
Commission policy limits board and authority service to two consecutive terms.

Ad Hoc Committees
The municipal commission may establish ad hoc committees to perform a particular task. Ad hoc committees have a term of one year, with a six-month extension possible if their work is not completed.

Board & Authority Liaisons
Each board and authority has a staff liaison, who is responsible for preparing meeting agendas, keeping accurate minutes of meetings, answering the public’s routine questions about the board and helping the board carry out its regular activities and special meetings or events.

Many boards and authorities also have a commission liaison, who attends meetings when available to discuss the commission’s goals and actions with the board members. Commission liaisons also report to the commission on important initiatives or activities of boards and authorities.

Please direct written correspondence to:

(Name of specific Commissioner or Mt. Lebanon Commission)
Mt. Lebanon Municipal Building
710 Washington Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15228

Board Liaison Phone
Board of Appeals Staff Liaison, Steve Yanchik  (412) 343-3468
Civil Service Board Staff Liaison, Bonnie Cross (412) 343-3625
Community Relations Board Staff Liaison, Susan Morgans (412) 343-3780

Commission Liaison, Steve Silverman
(412) 491-3749
Economic Development Council Staff Liaison, Eric Milliron (412) 343-3412

Commission Liaison, John Bendel (412) 561-1639
Environmental Sustainability Board Staff Liaison, Bonnie Cross (412) 343-3625

Commission Liaison, Stephen McLean (412) 303-6307
Historic Preservation Board Staff Liaison, Susan Morgans (412) 343-3780

Commission Liaison, John Bendel (412) 561-1639
Hospital Authority Staff Liaison, Keith McGill
(412) 343-3404

Commission Liaison, Dave Brumfield (412) 388-0720
Industrial Development Authority   Staff Liaison, Keith McGill (412)343-3404
Library Board Staff Liaison, Robyn E. Vittek (412) 531-1912

Commission Liaison, Steve Silverman (412) 491-3749
Medical Rescue Team South Authority Commission Liaison, Dave Brumfield
Commission Liaison, Kelly Fraasch
(412) 388-0720
(412) 580-7665
Parking Facility Board   Staff Liaison, Rudy Sukal (412) 343-3869
  Commission Liaison, John Bendel
(412) 561-1639
Parks Advisory Board Staff Liaison,  Rudy Sukal (412) 343-3869

Commission Liaison, Steve Silverman
(412) 491-3749
Pension Investment Board Staff Liaison, Andrew McCreery
(412) 343-3949

Commission Liaison, Steve Silverman
(412) 491-3749
Planning Board Staff Liaison, Keith Mcgill (412) 343-3684

Commission Liaison,  John Bendel
(412) 561-1639
Sports Advisory Board Staff Liaison, David Donnellan (412) 343-3409
  Commission Liaison, John Bendel
(412) 561-1639
Traffic Board Staff Liaison, Mark Rayburg (412) 440-2051

Commission Liaison, Kelly Fraasch
(412) 580-7665
Zoning Hearing Board Staff Liaison, Joe Berkley (412) 343-3475